Rang Dong brand PVC conduit was born as a preeminent product to help protect electrical wires from external agents for construction works and daily activities. This is an important step in technology that Rang Dong Plastic Group (Rang Dong Holding) has researched and invested in to produce cost-effective and highly effective products for users.

Rang Dong brand PVC conduit is manufactured from high quality PVC resins with the most advanced technology in the world.

Outstanding features

In particular, the product of Rang Dong brand PVC conduit has met the UK’s BSEN 6138-21:2004+A1:2010 standard, one of the very high standards, requiring the product to meet the following requirements. Specific requirements are as follows:

High heat resistance

The product of Rang Dong brand PVC conduit has passed the test with standard specifications, heat resistant up to 60 degrees Celsius. This means that in normal living conditions with temperatures around due to weather and climate does not affect the quality of the product.

One of the concerns of users is the possibility of fire and explosion. Rang Dong brand PVC conduit is different from ordinary plastic pipes in that it is reinforced with flame retardants, a special additive that, when an explosion occurs, makes the fire not ignite. Moreover, the fire will self-extinguish within a few tens of seconds, preventing the fire from spreading and spreading to other equipment and parts.

High compressive strength

Rang Dong brand PVC electrical conduit has high bearing capacity when attached to the wall or floor, it is not broken, it is not compressed and broken, ensuring safety and construction quality.

Safe Insulation

And the outstanding advantage as well as the main application of Rang Dong brand PVC conduit is the best safe insulation solution and withstands very high breakdown voltage, which ensures all requirements. all conditions for electrical design solutions for wall construction.

High curvature

Also on the basis of applied research, the experienced experts of Rang Dong Group have introduced special additives to give Rang Dong branded PVC conduit products with very high ductility. one of the competitive advantages in the application of the product is the ability to bend the angle up to 90 degrees without cracking or breaking, limiting the use of connection accessories; This brings convenience, savings in the construction process as well as ensuring the aesthetics of the project.

Withstands strong impact

During the construction of large works, there are often some strong impacts, which significantly affect the materials during transportation and construction. Products of Rang Dong brand PVC conduit because of its high flexibility, durability and good tension, are easy to install at will, so it always responds well to this situation.


On the market today, there are many types of electrical conduit during use that are affected by rodents that affect the quality of the work and can cause many other consequences. Rang Dong branded PVC electrical conduit with special structure is manufactured on the basis of research and combined with a number of additives that have helped to prevent and be the best remedy for termites or insect bites.